Clever, Simple Leave Management

Holibob is a clever and easy to use leave management and reporting system. Cloud based, Holibob is primarily designed for use by managers working in small and medium sized organisations, who simply don’t require the complexity and costs typical of more elaborate systems.

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Time Saving Benefits

  1. Efficiency

    Holibob integrates seamlessly with the apps and software you use everyday such as Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Apple’s iCal.

  2. Automation

    Holibob automates routine management tasks, such as sending confirmatory e-mails and preparing performance reports.

  3. Management

    Holibob helps identify potential resource conflicts and issues before they arise.

  4. Portability

    As a web based app, Holibob can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

  5. Low Cost

    Designed primarily for use by small & medium sized organisations, Holibob eliminates many of the features required only by larger businesses.